The Top Reasons Why Your Garage Door isn’t Working

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Reasons Why Your Garage Door isn’t Working

Garage doors can be taken for granted. It’s a permanent fixture in your home and is therefore easy to take for granted. It becomes a part of your daily life and is something you see every day. It’s possible that you are not the only one guilty. Your family is likely to be the same.

It shouldn’t surprise you that your garage door has problems. When your garage door stops working, it can be quite shocking. You might feel the urge to repair them yourself when you come across such issues. It’s normal to want to fix things if you are a D-IY enthusiast.

D-I-Y professionals are not able to fix all problems. Many of the reasons your garage door doesn’t work are beyond your abilities. It’s better to leave it to the professionals and let them fix it. Contact your nearest Garage Door in Hermosa Beach CA today.

Knowing the top reasons why your garage door isn’t working would be a huge help. These will help you determine if expert assistance is required.

The Track is Not Properly Aligned

The track might be out of alignment and your garage door may not work. This could be a major problem. Your door’s metal track runs along it and should be properly aligned so that the door can move.

There may be a problem if the rails bend or the gaps between the rollers and rails are visible. This problem will only get worse if the garage door is heavy.

Your Transmitters Are Having a Problem

Problems with the transmitters of your garage door could lead to serious consequences. This problem is most often caused by a garage door that’s out of range.

Every garage door and transmitter operates within a certain range. It can only be opened if you are within range. If it doesn’t open even though you’re close enough, there may be a problem with your transmitter.

You are being blocked by something

It is possible that your garage door closes only part of the way, then opens again. This could be caused by obstructions in the path of your garage door. This could be anything, from toys to water bottles.

The reversing mechanism in garage doors prevents them from crushing any object that is in their path. This is what causes the doors to lift up. Other than the above-mentioned objects, it could also be caused if there is mud buildup or gum.

Transmitter Batteries Are Dead

The transmitter batteries may also be the reason your garage door won’t work. Your transmitters need the power to function properly or at all.

Simply check to see if you need new batteries. This is so simple that professionals are not usually required.

Spring Breakers

You may find your garage door isn’t opening but know the transmitters aren’t damaged or the power isn’t being cut. These are all reasons to suspect that something is wrong with your torsion springs.

This is a major reason your garage door doesn’t work. It is best to contact professionals to fix the problem. It’s dangerous to attempt to fix it yourself. It’s better to leave the job to professionals.

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