The Garage Door Does Not Close! Need Something New?

Garage Door Repair in Yukon OK

Garage Door Does Not Close! Need Something New?

It depends on many factors, such as how much each service will cost and which would work best for you. Let’s look at the pros and cons of getting new garage doors over having them repaired.

What’s the Deal?

This is a crucial question.

There may be a few reasons your garage door won’t close properly. Many of these problems can be fixed with simple repairs.

  • Dead transmitter batteries
  • Blocking the door: Make sure you check that there are no obstructions that the system could detect that would prevent the door from closing
  • Photo eyes are not aligned: These eyes detect if anything is in the way or at the same angle.
  • Track alignment is not correct: Gaps between rail and roller, or bends in rails, are serious problems that will only exacerbate
  • Broken Torsion springs: The garage door opener won’t lift the door if it doesn’t have working springs.

Most of these issues can be fixed easily. If you have suffered serious damage to your garage door, Contact our Experts at Garage Door Repair in Yukon OK

in the Event of Damage

A professional can inspect the problem and determine if there are any significant damages to the spring mechanisms, track, or opener. You might consider replacing your garage doors with a new model.

Replace an old garage door with a new one.

A professional will tell you whether your door should be repaired or replaced.

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